The first book ever published on the history to thermionic valve and kinescope-making in Brazil. Published by “Lamp Lambert Academic Publishing” in cooperation with  “MoreBooks! Marketing SRL”,  the book covers firstly the valve as an imported technology and the factors which pressed the local and foreign enterprises to start a long-term nationalization project for its manufacturing, which consequently led to the industrialization of kinescopes considering the boom o television started in the country in 1950.
In its 136 pages profusely illustrated covering the development of the following industries devoted to the local production of thermionic devices:

 Transmission Valves
- Standard Electrica S/A – SESA –
- IVAPE – Indústrias de Válvulas Pecunha Ltda.
Reception Valves
- Philips - Ibrape  
- RCA Eletrônica Brasileira
- Philips-Ibrape
- RCA Eletrônica Brasileira
- Sylvania Produtos Elétricos Ltda.
- Invictus  S/A Radio e Televisão
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