Many were the foremost engineers and scientists whose pioneering studies and researches in the several fields of the science and technology contributed so much for the development of new inventions and innovations in Electronics applied to warlike end. Amongst the main names they are:

Alec Reeves

1901-1971, professor of the Imperial College in London and, later engineer of the W. Electric International. He developed a process of pulse modulation as well as in 1937 he invented a radar system known under the codename of OBOE.

Ernest Krammar
Born in Austria in 1902. He started to work in the Lorenz Society in 1921 when occupied the position of director of the department of navigation. He developed a radio navigational system known as ELECTRA.

Henri Busignes
Engineer of the Federal Telecomunication Laboratories elected president of the company in 1949. A prolific engineer as during his career he was granted with 140 patents mainly in the field of radio navigation. In 1941, he invented the inertial navigation system.

Lloyd Espenschied
Born in 1889. He was a physicist and, started to work very early in the company United Wireless Telegraph. After two years of study in the Pratt Institute, he was hired as assistant engineer in the Telefunken Company in the U.S.A. In 1918, he did the first telephonic connection between Baltimore and Pittsburgh, U.S.A. In 1929, he developed a carrying current system using coaxial cables.


Luis Walter Álvarez
Born in 1911. Formerly, professor in the University of California and Nobel Prize of Physics in 1968. In 1942, working in the Institute of Technology of Mssachusetts, he developed the GCA system - ground control approach system.


Robert Watson-Watt
Born in 1892, he worked as professor in the university of Dundee in Scotland. Later director for radio researches, of the National Physical Laboratory. In 1942, he was elected member of scientific council for the telecommunications area related with the British government. He is considered the father of the RADAR