Paul Wilbur Klipsch, a modern sonorous reproduction paradigm.
Many inventors and engineers were devoted to the innovations in the loudspeaker enclosure techonology. Among them are:

Edgard M. Villchur

American engineer, founder of the company Acustic Research. He developed the acoustic diffuser using the suspension principle acoustics. An used compact system until the current days in domestic sonorous reproduction systems.

James Bullough Lansing
Was born in 1902. In spite his low educational level he was reponsable for very importants inventions in the loudspeaker manufacturing such as: flat wound coils, molded metallic diaphragms, the sound reproduction system known as ICONIC as well as the coaxial loudspeakder. On the Thursday, September 24th, 1949 he took his own life.

Peter Walker
Paul Wilbur Klipsch
Born in 1902, as an engineer he was known by his expertise in manufacturing loudspeaker enclosures using high frequency horns. For his inventions on this type of loudspeaker enclosure he was granted with a patent for his famous enclosure commonly called KLIPSCHORN.

Peter Walker

was born in 1916 and educated at Oundle, England. After a brief period with EMI and GEC, In 1936, he founded the Acoustical Mfg. Co., Ltd. Huntingdon, Camb., U.K. There he was responsible for the desing and development of many audio products including the famous electrostatic loudspeaker enclosure system. Such products were sold worldwide under the trade name of QUAD.

Rudolph Thomas Bozak
1910-1982. American engineer. He developed several innovations in loudspeaker manufacturing such as the technique for molding loudspeakers cones using a mixture of wool and paper in order to improve its consistency. The Bozak loudspeaker enclosures are famous for their high engineering level as well as craftsmanship.