4.2.1 - The Transformer
In the beginning the transformer was a simple electromagnetic device, generally presenting a low performance, as its core was made of soft iron, arisen a high degree of magnetization or inductance. In order to keep these core losses as lower as possible it was arranged in a pile of stacked insulated thin plates. A part of these core losses, which increase with the frequency, were formed by Eddy Current losses, which are caused by currents perpendicular to the alternating field of the core. The continuous improvement in the electrical circuits used in the several electronic fields such as: television, radio broadcasting, audio, etc, generally by operating in high frequencies required even more better types of transformers. In this way due continuous evolution of the material science, it gave birth of new kind of magnetic materials such as the Ferrite, Alnico and the Ferroxcube which soon were used to manufacture better and reliable transformers.
Parts for manufacture of a transformer with high quality output: copper wire for the winding and the high quality iron silicon plate .