The newspaper “A Eletrônica em Foco” in association with “Instituto Maria de Oliveira Núcleo de Estudos e Presevação da Memória da Radiodifusão, TV, Teatro e Cinema”, (Maria de Oliveira Institute for the Preservation and Study of the History of Broadcasting, TV, Theater and Cinema), has launched the book:  “The Electron Age 100 Years of Progress in Electronics”, in reality a hardcopy of this website. Comprising 351 pages, 6- ½” x 9- ½” format, in glossy paper fully illustrated it can be considered as  the first book ever published in Brazil covering the evolution of the Electronic science over the entirely years of the XX century.

In its 12 chapters written in a chronological way having as a background the  main active components: the thermionic valve, as over 50 years was a reliable detector, oscillator, rectifier, modulator, amplifier, and later on from the solid-state era, from the transistor to the chip, describing the saga of the  Electron age  which, culminate in the birth of: the incandescent lamp, telegraph, radio, television, radar, telephone, facsimile and the computer which certainly gave birth to the fantastic panorama of modern world society.

Besides the book led the reader to the importance in understanding the historical fundamentals involved in the technical and scientific conquering of the past, which certainly arises a perennial intellectual mood rather than an empty erudition or a pure literary amusement. In this way the book is aimed to: engineers, technicians, teachers, students as well as the general public interested in the matter.

Following this editorial approach it has been author’s intention to publish a second volume entitled: A IDADE DO ELETRON 100 ANOS DE PROGRESSO DA ELETRONICA NO BRASIL, “The Electron Age 100 Years of Progress of Electronics in Brasil” devoted entirely to the study of the so many scientific and technical aspects responsible for the present status of the  electronic science in Brazil.

The book:  A IDADE DO ELÉTRON 100 ANOS DE PROGRESSO NA ELETRÔNICA, “The Electron Age 100 Years of Progress in Electronics” can be ordered upon request  directly from the author e-mail: