The Author
Carlos Alberto T. V. Fazano

Brazilian holds a degree in chemistry and has published two books on laboratory instrumentation. As a lifelong enthusiast of high quality sound reproduction, shortwave listener and radio amateur, call sign PU2KFZ, he has studied electronics by assembling valve radios and audio amplifiers, starting his strong interest in the early days of the electronic age.
Notwithstanding his daily professional activities, he has always reserved time to study the evolution of the electronic technology, and has published several articles related with antique radio topics in national and international magazines and journals.

A Eletrônica Em Foco - Brasil
The AWA Review - EUA / USA
Radio Bygones Magazine - Inglaterra / England

Antique Wireless Association EUA / USA
Tube Collectors Association EUA / USA

Carlos A. T. V. Fazano

The journal “A Eletrônica em Foco” and “Instituto Maria de Oliveira”, an institution devoted on the study and preservation of the memory of radio, TV, cinema and theater, has launched the book: “The Electron Age 100 Years of Progress in Electronics”. It is the first book ever published in Brazil covering the evolution of the Electronic Science over the entire years of the XX century.
The book has twelve chapters featuring the development of many inventions and innovations as radio, television, telegraph, phonograph, computer, radar, electro-medicine and so forth, considering their background is related also with the evolution of the two main components of the electrical sciences, the vacuum tube and the transistor.
Considering such editorial approach the book is an easier reading to improve the knowledge of the historical fundamentals involved in the evolution of the technical and scientific conquering of the past, which certainly arises a perennial intellectual mood rather than an empty erudition or a pure literary amusement. The book is aimed to: engineers, technicians, teachers, students as well as the general public interested in the matter.
author’s intention to publish a new book entitled: “The Electron Age 100 Years of Progress of Electronics in Brazil”, featuring in its chapters outstanding matters related with the history of Electronics in Brazil.
For more information on the book: “The Electron Age 100 Years of Progress in Electronics” please contact the author at:

Carlos A. T. V. Fazano

Shortwave listening guide, Carlos A.T.V. Fazano
The first complete shortwave listening guide published in Portuguese as a supplement of the Brazilian magazine “SomTres” in 1981. In its 34 pages the guide comprises the following topics:
- the listening post
- the radio receiver
- the antenna
- accessories
- transmission- reception
- specific type of radio receptions
- the radio spectrum characteristics
- how to start listening
- how to identify radio broadcasting stations

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Carlos A. T. V. Fazano

The first practical manual published in Portuguese related with the technics for the  metallographic samples preparation. Hemus Editora, 453 pages, 1st editon, 1980.

Carlos A. T. V. Fazano

The first practical manual published in Portuguese aimed to monitoring all analysis methods and instruments used in a modern coating technology laboratory. Hemus Editora, 361 pages, 6 edition, 2002.

Carlos A.T.V. Fazano

In English, the first book ever written on the history of thermionics in Brazil, covering the valves and their Brazilian manufacturers, as well as kinescope-making and kinescope-recovering. Edited by "Lamp Lambert Academic Publishing" in cooperation with "MoreBooks! Marketing SRL ".